40 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 9

Despite yesterday’s insights I traveled through Tuesday focused on not much.A� Talk about not being fully aware again.

The day began with a 5:10 alarm call and by 5:30am I was down on the beach ready to run through a Benchmark Fitness Test.A� 50 Jumping Jacks, 10 push ups and 10 Burpees in and my training partner injures his thumb and we call off the rest of the BFT choosing to finish off the session with a stair circuit.A� Post ultra – marathon training session number 2 and this was probably a little ambitious but I courageously persevered completing three circuits (my training partner did 4) and a brutal ab set.

Next up was a dog walk with the dog and boyfriend to the park which is a 5km round trip.A� A few laps of the park and I was about ready to crawl back into bed!A�A� One full cooked breakfast, a shower and the decision was made – back to bed for a power nap!

I spent the rest of the morning catching up on my blog from buy desyrel online Pills 40 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 8 buy copegus online .A� This took a lot longer than I expected as I knew that I could find something good to write about and low and behold I did.A� Sadly Day 9 was turning out to be a very different affair.

I did spend a very present Cheap ?buy benzac one hour planting some seedlings out on My Green Landing – Beaten by the Beets.A� There’s definitely something quite grounding about getting dirt under your finger nails and attempting to grow something from scratch.A� Being a novice gardener means that every thing I am doing is for the first time.A� There’s a 50/50 chance that it’ll work.A� Glass half full right?

Despite my exhaustion levels I made it to the 4:30pm Power Align yoga class.A� I am desperate to get a full set of ticks on my board this week.A� At least for my yoga practice!A� I like the Align class and this week’s did not disappoint.A� I prefer the class to Yin Yoga because it is similar to the Vinyasa class but slower.A� This allows me to move gently from pose to pose and modify without the pressure of having to move quickly.A� This week was a little different and quite a few of the poses we had to hold for a few minutes – Yin Style.

I guess I’ve known this for a while, but I should not be left alone with my thoughts.A� I need some sort of activity to keep my mind focused on something positive.A� Holding a position is so challenging as I struggle to stay focused on the breath.A� After only a few moments my mind starts with the negative talking…. “Ow this hurts”, “why are we doing this?”, “You should include this in your class on Thursday”, “Make sure You remember this.” and so it goes on.

Yes, I do have negative talk in my head.A� I try not to listen to them and make them into background noise.A� I am aware that it’s the sheer volume that gets to me.A� I don’t think that I’m schizophrenic but there are certain characters that I recognise in there.A� One of this week’s exercises is to attach labels to these tapes.A� This might take some doing as I’ve been trying for so long to push them into the background that I’m not too sure what they’re saying anymore.

Yoga = 1, Meditation = 1, Possible insights = 0.




Author: Sarah Keast

"I'm just a thumbprint on the side of a skyscraper of the world." Miles, Sideways (2004). My psych said that creative expression might help with my depression. I've tried writing about yoga but the fact that I can't touch my toes makes me feel like a fraud. Given that everything I plant dies it seems pointless writing about my gardening attempts. So here are the rantings of a self confessed over-achiever who has found herself disillusioned with the establishment and diagnosed with depression. Happy Days.

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