40 Day Yoga Challenge – Days 13 & 14

I am in so much pain that I want to cry.

Both knees are strapped and I can barely make it down the steps of my apartment.A� The boyfriend has assumed all dog walking duties until further notice.

With a complete inability to do anything physical I turned my attention to my sugar cravings.A� With the boyfriend out at a four hour bootcamp somewhere in the city (mad bastard) I was left to my own devices.A� Al the white chocolate and raspberry cupcakes were gone so I decided that a stocktake was in order.

In the Fridge: left over icing from the cupcakes, left over salted caramel from a previous chocolate brownie recipe (I love the fact that this stuff doesn’t go off!), half a bar of Organic Dark Chocolate (had to taste test this stuff from Aldi – it passed).A� Two bars of Lindt chocolate (they were on sale, two bars for $6, or something like that)

In the pantry: Tinned stuff, dry stuff, half a packet of white chocolate buttons (don’t look too carefully at the use by date), half a packet of cadbury’s chocolate drops……..enough said.

Secret stash (regularly moved to avoid detection by boyfriend): English chocolate of various bars, sizes, flavours.


Which wolf am I going to feed?A� The one with the insatiable sugar craving, the one that wants me to sit on my arse, put my feet up, put ice packs on my knees and drink cups of tea and watch videos until my boyfriend comes home to look after the invalid that I am.

Or the other one?

Whilst I did spend a lot of time sitting and resting this weekend and I watching movies with my boyfriend, I did not succumb to the chocolate craving at THAT moment – well not exactly…

Another purpose for this blog is to find a healthy brownie.A� And so, rather than reaching for the easy fix, pre-packaged sweetness which is about as far from healthy or wholesome as you can get.A� I chose to create something wholesome from scratch using ingredients that I understood.A� I was also able to reduce my food waste by incorporating left-over roast pumpkin and mashed potato.

“The conscious care and energy you put into preparing your food comes back to you tenfold. Think about it: Doesn’t food prepared with love always taste better than food made in a hurry?” Baron Baptiste, “40 Days to personal revolution”, p.120.

Here’s what I learned from the exercise.A� Even though the end result was the same, a cup of tea and a chocolatey treat the journey was very different.A� Instead of opening the fridge, unwrapping a bar of chocolate and eating the whole thing I experienced the following:

Curiosity – Could I make a sale haldol healthy chocolate brownie using left-over roast pumpkin and mashed potato purchase rizact Pills buy fluoxetine 20mg cheap pills ?A� I wanted to go gluten-free and so with a recipe in hand (thank you Google) I began creating.

Joy – Creating something from scratch is a joyful experience, especially when you know that every ingredient is good for you and the end result is going to be a chocolate brownie!

Anticipation – How exciting is it to have something sweet baking in the oven.A� At first you’re not sure if you’ve actually smelled the chocolate in the oven, is a figment of your imagination?A� But slowly and surely the aroma begins to build until your entire apartment begins to smell heavenly.A� I really believe that the smell of baking has the power to transform a house into a home.

Pride – Yes, I admit it.A� I felt proud!A� When the boyfriend came home, there was a tray of chocolate brownies waiting for him (minus the piece that I had tested before he came home!).A� We sat and watched movies for the rest of the weekend and yes I was pampered for the entire time!

Yoga = 0, Meditation = 2, Possible insight = 1

Author: Sarah Keast

"I'm just a thumbprint on the side of a skyscraper of the world." Miles, Sideways (2004). My psych said that creative expression might help with my depression. I've tried writing about yoga but the fact that I can't touch my toes makes me feel like a fraud. Given that everything I plant dies it seems pointless writing about my gardening attempts. So here are the rantings of a self confessed over-achiever who has found herself disillusioned with the establishment and diagnosed with depression. Happy Days.

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