40 Day Yoga Challenge – Week 3 Review

So I’m three weeks into this challenge.A� It’s the halfway mark and on reflection I think there have been a few positive changes.A� I certainly feel calmer but I wonder whether I am apathetic rather than equanimous (See 40 Day Yoga Challenge – Days 20 & 21).

1. How much do I believe that the winds of grace support me.A� I know that I am extremely lucky.A� I’m like a cat in the way that I seem to land on my feet.A� Unfortunately I don’t believe that I have nine lives too.A� Reflecting on this statement causes me to think that perhaps I should be more grateful for the things that I do have rather than to focus on the challenges or mishaps.A� There’s a nice saying practice the attitude of gratitude which I could probably pay more attention to on a day to day basis.

2. In what areas of my life can I have less reaction and more divine interpretation? http://lejligheder-til-leje-i-danmark.dk/generic-periactin-4mg.html pills online I find that I am more reactive (negatively) towards things that are habitual or routine.A� Once a week I drive to Balmain from Manly to teach a yoga class.A� I leave one and a half hours early to make sure that I can get there in time for a 5pm start. Ninety minutes to drive across the Spit, Harbour and Anzac Bridges.A� Do I need this time?A� Absolutely!A� I usually arrive with twenty five minutes to spare which allows me to set up the room and calm down from a stressful drive. order cyklokapron cost

Out of the blue scenarios seem to be easier to practice equanimity on.A� If a situation is unfamiliar, it seems easier to practice an unfamiliar response.A� That of detachment, reflection and then response.

3. How can I enhance the quality of my life through a shift in my attitude? Recognising or acknowledging that I have reacted is a good place to start.A� Often it has to be pointed out to me that I have over-reacted to something.A� Recognising it myself would be a good start and one that I think I am making headway on.A�

Ultimately, I would like to move back along the timeline and be able to recognise that my buttons are being pressed before the final red ignition button is pressed.A�

Unsurprisingly, most of the reactivity occurs internally.A� I start to feel my heart rate increase, my jaw begins to tense up and I can feel my stomach starting to twist and turn.A� Very little of this actually makes it to the exterior which means you’ve got to be pretty good at reading the signs before you get a taste of my passive aggressive reaction!

Learning how to do this would result in me not having sleepless nights, vivid daydreams of giving a non-paying client his dues and digestive system that didn’t replicate Mount Vesuvius. buy-metformin-without-rx-canada

4. What things are most likely to trigger reactivity in me? Rude people, people who jump to conclusions, friends that promise to stick by you and then let you down at the last minute, friends that dump you with a dodgy client, clients that don’t pay.A� My own stupidity for accepting a job from a friend of a friend.A� Do I need to go on?

5. What can I do in those moments of reactivity to respond better?A� I like the phrase it’s easy to beg for forgiveness than seek permission!A� Unfortunately I don’t think that this is the point of the exercise.A� Sometimes getting up and walking away is impractical (eg work meeting).A� So having a repertoire of actions to hand means that you’re prepared for every occasion. eg breathing, counting, a mantra “I am cool, I am calm, I am centred” order bonnispaz

Author: Sarah Keast

"I'm just a thumbprint on the side of a skyscraper of the world." Miles, Sideways (2004). My psych said that creative expression might help with my depression. I've tried writing about yoga but the fact that I can't touch my toes makes me feel like a fraud. Given that everything I plant dies it seems pointless writing about my gardening attempts. So here are the rantings of a self confessed over-achiever who has found herself disillusioned with the establishment and diagnosed with depression. Happy Days.

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