Leg Cramps & Pickle Juice – A rapid recovery!

avodart medication Is it an old wives tale or a genuine solution for cramping muscles? A�My boyfriend swears by the power of pickles saying that drinking the salty vinegar from a jar of pickles not only reduces the risk of getting cramps but will stop one in its tracks once it kicks off.

I’ve suffered from cramps in the past. A�Usually after a night of clubbing and excessive drinking! A�during my university days I would dance until the wee hours of the morning and then collapse into bed and wake up a few hours later with my calves twisted and knotted into tight balls. A�Ouch!

The cause of cramps (especinight at night) is unknown but many believe that dehydration and loss of minerals and electrolytes can factor trigger factor. A�This certainly helps to explain why salt tablets and electrolyte drinks are so popular amongst athletes.

My Dad has recently joined The Lions. A�It’s an international group that specialises in organising events to raise money for local charities. A�Today was the day for local carnival and as a member of The Lions my Dad had a very active day ahead of him. A�At 6am he headed off to the Castle to help peg out the plots for the food vendors. A�At 8am he helped erect the stall tents. A�At 10am he walked down to the end of the High Street and for two hours helped set up road signage for the road closures ready for the parade. A�At 12pm he closed the High Street and spent the next two hours redirecting traffic while the floats travelled up the street. A�After this it was back to the castle to man the coconut shy stall. A�All under a beautiful British summer sun and temperatures in the early 20s Celsius.

As a fitness fanatic I understand the importance of a hydration strategy. A�At 65 and of average fitness my Dad didn’t think that spending 14 hours on his feet, on a sunny day warranted a bottle of water (or five!). A�When he got home he shared a KFC dinner with my Mum, had a whiskey and water and retired to bed around 11pm.

About an hour later Mum retired to bed and according to her was just about to drop off when Dad said he was having a few problems with his legs. A�On went the lights and she could see that poor Dad was in a lot of pain. A�He’d got a cramp in his right hip and left knee. A�Not really knowing what to do, Mum came and found me and asked what to do.

We had no magnesium or salt tablets but sitting at the back of the cupboard was half a jar of pickles. I gave Dad about half a cup of pickle juice (brine/vinegar) and he sipped on this while I searched the cupboards for more help.

According to Dad, the cramps eased about round two minutes after drinking the pickle juice. A�Cue more pickle juice! A�In addition to this he drank a glass of hydralyte had a bag of frozen peas administered to pulse points to bring down his core temperature (sunstroke suspected too) and windows in the bedroom opened.

After about six minutes Dad was able to flex his legs and after another two minutes was able to get out of bed and walk around. A�In total Dad drank around half the juice in a 500g jar of pickles (and for the record, this was not a freshly opened jar of pickles!) and father cramps improved after only a few minutes.

So am I now a Pickle Juice advocate? Absolutely! This is one of those remedies that everyone should know about. A�You can be a marathon runner, die hard clubber or a weekend volunteer and you’ll benefit from this little gem. A�Keep a jar of pickles in your cupboard and if you’re struck down with a cramp open them up and take a couple of swigs.

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