The long road to self-acceptance

I suffer from depression and apparently I have done for many years. A�I’ve found thatA� The 5 Stages of Acceptance by Elisabeth Kubler-RossA�is a really good starting point for those of us that wonder why we’re not bouncing out of bed every morning.

I had an Ineternational career, a husband, a houseA�and a family that loved me. A�In 2009, we suffered a death in the family, shortly after I lost my job, my home and then my husband asked for a divorce. A�I had always considered myself to be very resilient and each time I got knocked down I would get back up but by January 2012 I was finding it harder and harder to get out of bed.

I battled on and on which is always the first stage -A�Denial strattera cost canada . “There’s nothing wrong”, “I’ll bounce back”, “I’ll feel better tomorrow”, “it’s just a phase”, “toughen up princess and get on with it”…. and so it went on.

I was prescribed anti-depressants and I rebelled terribly against the medication. A�I felt that taking drugs was a sign of weakness and I really thought that I was less of a human for not being able to cope without this tiny little pill. A�I became consumed by rage all internally directed and it’sA�AngerA�that’s the second stage of acceptance. A�The things I would say to myself were so hurtful, things I would never even say to my worst enemy but I was my own worst enemy.

It was at this time that I found a poster offering Yoga Teacher Training. A�My experience of yoga had been pretty limited but I begged the school to let me join the course and thankfully they did.

Being unable to touch my toes was only the first of many challenges I would face. A�I was in a room of people that had practiced yoga for years, decades! A�I felt like such a fraud. A�I would unroll my mat at the back of the studio and sweat and strain my way through every class attempting to each pose but lacking any kind of grace or poise. A�I felt like stick insect in a room of butterflies.

I would barter with myself throughout each class. A�”When you finish this class you can treat yourself to a hot chocolatea�? or a�?If you do your home you can have a bowl of ice cream.a�? A�I had entered theA�BargainingA�stage.

Over time I felt a change. A�I didna��t become any more flexible, or graceful. A�I would experience these overwhelming surges of emotion I would either collapse in a fit of giggles or burst into tears and retreat to childa��s pose,balasanaA�until I regained my composure. A�After class I would feel that I had been wrung out, flipped over and turned inside out. A�My fellow teacher trainers were wonderful and were such a supportive group and I began to acknowledge that things werena��t right and I needed to deal with the situation. A�I hadA� ciprofloxacin without a prescription Depression.

It took nine months to complete my teacher training and through the support of my teachers and fellow students I threw away my medication and went on to teach yoga in Doha, Dubai, India and Sydney.Four years have passed and I have set up home in Sydney. A�I relapsed and suffered a suspected mental breakdown. A�Luckily I progressed through the above four stages much more quickly than before and I am taking medication and seeing a wonderful psychiatrist and together wea��re finding a way forward.

I am collecting a toolkit of skills that I can use to assist myself and theses around me deal with my depression. A�My partner is amazing and has helped me come to terms with what has been while I focus on where I want to be.

Ita��s been a long journey but I think Ia��ve discovered Self-Acceptence. sale prinivil

How Not to Compost

The Entrance to the compound! street price for celexa The Entrance to the compound!

My first attempt at composting was in 2007.A� I remember it well.A� I had moved to Doha, Qatar for work and part of my relocation package was a two bedroom townhouse with a small garden out the back.A� I was pretty excited about having my first garden and my imagination ran wild as I thought about growing my own little oasis in the middle of the desert.


order danazol drug This was the view outside the compound!

I should point out that my townhouse was in the middle of a compound that had beautifully manicured lawns, tall palm trees and a small legion of gardeners that kept everything watered from morning to night.A� I figured that creating my oasis would be easy. A�I will acknowledge that the compound was located in the middle of a barren desert!


Coming from a family of keen gardeners I am ashamed to admit that I had not inherited a green thumb. But there was one this that I did remember and that was the importance of compost.A� a�?Your plants are only as good as the soil they grow in.a�?A� I dona��t know who said that and maybe I read it in a magazine but I immediately set about googling compost at home.

My parents have a compost heap at the bottom of the garden.A� Vegetable scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds and grass trimming are diligently collected and added to the heap which then silently works ita��s magic until the time comes when they can collect this magic dirt and grow more stuff.


My parents garden is in Kent in the UK which is also known as the a�?Garden of Englanda��.A� Everything and anything grows there.A� The only potential risk to their compost heap is the occasional flooding.A� To be honest, Ia��m sure Dad looks at that as a blessing because the compost ends up spread across the garden and he didna��t have to shovel it!

So I decided to start small.A� I got a bucket with a lid, punctured drainage holes in the bottom and started collecting my food scraps.A� I was going great guns and after only a week I had filled my bucket half way.A� My Googling research informed me that I shouldna��t mess with the compost and should just leave it to work ita��s magic.A� Just turn it once in a while.

After two weeks I began to detect a bit of a smell coming from the side of the house.A� Ia��d already had a few problems with the toilet and a flooding washing machine so I figured that something had gone wrong with the drains.A� I notified maintenance but they couldna��t find the source of the problem.

The smell got progressively worse and seemed to emanate from one particularly shaded corner of the garden.A� The Compost Bin!A� Gingerly I opened the lid and was hit in the face by the stench of putrified food waste.A� I quickly resealed the lid and went back to Google.

Composting is the process of bacteria breaking down the scraps into dirt.A� Ia��m sure therea��s a far more technical explanation but according to google these micro-organisms require oxygen.A� They can do their job anaerobically (without oxygen) but the end result is usually rather smelly – Oh really?!A� So I went back to the bucket and bravely drilled holes around the side releasing the stench onto my neighbours.A� My apologies to them for this rather delayed confession.

After a few days I was able to approach the bin without wanting to hurl and took the lid off.A� I could see that the food scraps had definitely rotted but not into a rich soil like consistency but more like untreated sewage that sloshed around in the bin.A� Since adding air holes, fruit flies had moved in and made themselves comfortable.A� The sides of the bin were coated in fruit fly eggs and once hatched they flew lazily around the surface of the putrified sludge.

Not to be thwarted I decided that it probably just needed to dry out and so with the smell no longer an issue I left the lid off hoping that with a little time and sunshine, the festering slime would somehow transform into a nutritious loam.

Herea��s a little geography lesson for you.A� Qatar is locateda��a��.. This means that ita��s average temperature in the summer is a��.. and can easily reach 50 Celsius during the hottest month of the year, August.A� My little experiment into composting had begun in February and it was now mid summer and I was about to learn my next lesson about composting.

Bacteria are fussy little buggers when it comes to temperature.A� Thata��s why food needs to be kept in the fridge, otherwise the bacteria has a field day and makes the food go off.A� If your compost gets too cold they hibernate until it warms up again.A� If it gets too hota��.. they die.A� So a week after taking the lid of the compost bin I went and checked it out.A� The compost had definitely dried out.A� Instead of sewage I now had desiccated black powder.

Perhaps I could have mixed this with water and used it to fertilise the few plants that I had growing in the garden but after five months I was thoroughly disheartened and through the bucket away and opted to visit the garden centre instead!

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Welcome Home Zed

Zed was born in September 2012, or somewhere around then.A� You see, Zed is a Pound Hound and when we met in October 2013 he was called 8042.A� His pre – adoption story is a bit light on details but it goes like this.

The council received a call saying that there was a brown dog wandering the streets.A� They went out, picked him up, filled in some paperwork and dropped him off at the pound.A� The pound scanned him for a micro chip (there wasn’t one), neutered him, gave him his shots and put him up for adoption.A� We came along and the rest as they say is history.

I have been so lucky with Zed.A� He’s house trained, understands basic commands (most of the time) and has the sweetest temperament of any dog I know.A� And since Zed is my first dog, I know that I’m extremely fortunate.

Of course there’s been a couple of accidents along the way, strangers in the house laying new carpet = cleaning the carpet, choosing the wrong dog food = cleaning the carpet, not taking him out for his walk on time = cleaning the carpet, a new flatmate who leaves their bedroom door open = cleaning the carpet.A� You know, the usual lessons to be learned when you become a new pet owner.

Luckily, when Zed came home he had grown out of the chewing stage of puppyhood.A� Well almost.A� The tally stands at one pair of sunglasses, a cycle helmet, one yoga mat and two pairs of Indian Mala prayer beads (from India!).A� But given stories I have heard from puppy owners, we got off lightly!

My chiropractor gave me some advice when she found out I getting a dog.A� Coming from a cat owner with no experience of dogs other than watching Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer on TV I was more than a little skeptical.A� Her advise was…

Discipline, affection and exercise.

At least that’s what this Dog Whisperer said.A� Before bringing Zed home I googled Cesar’s thoughts on bringing a new dog home.A� He said to make sure the new dog waited at the front door, while all other family members entered, we still do this one today.A� The dog, while on the leash is then taken to his food and water bowl.A� Finally he should be led around the house but only to the places where he is allowed to go.

So with no more than these snippets of dog ownership advice, Zed came home. cheap pills Cheap buy cytotec for abortion

Don’t Forget to Make Your Bed!


“What’s the point if we’re just going to get back into it later?”

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cheap levothroid ingredients
This is the usual counter argument from a new boyfriend that discovers my little morning habit.A� I can see both sides of the coin.A� Why make a bed when it’s only get to get unmade at the end of the evening.A� The flip side?A� It’s a fluff of the pillows and a shake of the doona (duvet if you’re in the UK) and the task is done.A� Two minutes max.

But why?A� For years my mum used to nag my brother and I to make our beds.A� We would head back up the stairs, grumbling, drag the duvet back into place before heading off to school.A� Leaving home liberated me from this mundane drudgery and I would feel gloriously naughty leaving my bed unmade.A� Apart from the odd occasion when I brought home a boy and had to quickly straighten the bed, hide my grubby t-shirt and stuffed toy it all went well.

In 2004 I attended a weekend in North Sydney run by a friendly group of people called ISA cheap pills .A� At the time I was recovering from a bitter break up and while my career was taking off I felt distinctly unsettled and ungrounded.A� Over that weekend we all participated in various activities designed to tap into our inner confidence and strength.A� There was no fire walking or falling trust games but one particular seminar left a lasting impression on me.

Make Your Bed!A� Always. generic propecia us mastercard

The philosophy behind it goes something like this.A� Starting the day with a tick on the scoreboard sets the tone of the day.A� It doesn’t matter whether the rest of it goes to shit, you accomplished something. There’s also something reassuring about seeing a made bed.A� Pulling back the covers at bed time and climbing in is a definitive action, like drawing a line under the day and saying “I’m done, tomorrow’s another day”.

Whether it was the familiarity of the instruction from years gone by or the philosophy behind it, I have made my bed ever since.

Ten years on and this daily ritual is a key part of my battle against depression.A� For those in the know, getting out of bed can be the hardest part of the day.A� That transition from horizontal to vertical requires extraordinary strength; The physicality of moving flaccid muscles and preparing for combat against gravity is one of the true epic battles of the day ahead. As the brain engages and consciousness begins to scuffle for control over the unconscious mind I feel like I have already been awake for a week rather than one minute.A� Overdoing it or over doing it?A� It’s exhausting, trust me.

Once I am perpendicular to the floor (a small victory!), I make my bed.A� This task seems to activate an invisible force field around the bed.A� If this sounds like an over active imagination you’re probably right but it does stop me from crawling back into bed when the going gets tough.A� Well most of the time.

Last month naval Admiral William H. McRaven gave a talk to 8000 graduating students from the University of Texas.A� The talk was filmed and soon went viral and because it resonated with me, I posted it on my Facebook page Advanced Humanology.A� You see Admiral McRaven’s first life lesson is:

If you want to change the world, start off making your bed.”

“It’s a simple task.A� If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another. By the end of the day, that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed. Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that little things in life matter.A� If you cana��t do the little things right, you will never do the big things right.

And, if by chance you have a miserable day, you will come home to a bed that is made a�� that you made a�� and a made bed gives you encouragement that tomorrow will be better. If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.”

This little lesson is a reminder that it IS the small things that count.A� The positive ones and the negative ones.A� A made bed may seem like a trivial thing to someone who leaps out of bed with a spring in their step each morning but for those of us not so blessed, we need all the help we can get!

And between you and me…… If the day does turn to shit there’s nothing like climbing into that made bed in the middle of the afternoon.A� ‘Coz when the going gets tough this little toughie……..

….goes back to bed!

Leg Cramps & Pickle Juice – A rapid recovery!

avodart medication Is it an old wives tale or a genuine solution for cramping muscles? A�My boyfriend swears by the power of pickles saying that drinking the salty vinegar from a jar of pickles not only reduces the risk of getting cramps but will stop one in its tracks once it kicks off.

I’ve suffered from cramps in the past. A�Usually after a night of clubbing and excessive drinking! A�during my university days I would dance until the wee hours of the morning and then collapse into bed and wake up a few hours later with my calves twisted and knotted into tight balls. A�Ouch!

The cause of cramps (especinight at night) is unknown but many believe that dehydration and loss of minerals and electrolytes can factor trigger factor. A�This certainly helps to explain why salt tablets and electrolyte drinks are so popular amongst athletes.

My Dad has recently joined The Lions. A�It’s an international group that specialises in organising events to raise money for local charities. A�Today was the day for local carnival and as a member of The Lions my Dad had a very active day ahead of him. A�At 6am he headed off to the Castle to help peg out the plots for the food vendors. A�At 8am he helped erect the stall tents. A�At 10am he walked down to the end of the High Street and for two hours helped set up road signage for the road closures ready for the parade. A�At 12pm he closed the High Street and spent the next two hours redirecting traffic while the floats travelled up the street. A�After this it was back to the castle to man the coconut shy stall. A�All under a beautiful British summer sun and temperatures in the early 20s Celsius.

As a fitness fanatic I understand the importance of a hydration strategy. A�At 65 and of average fitness my Dad didn’t think that spending 14 hours on his feet, on a sunny day warranted a bottle of water (or five!). A�When he got home he shared a KFC dinner with my Mum, had a whiskey and water and retired to bed around 11pm.

About an hour later Mum retired to bed and according to her was just about to drop off when Dad said he was having a few problems with his legs. A�On went the lights and she could see that poor Dad was in a lot of pain. A�He’d got a cramp in his right hip and left knee. A�Not really knowing what to do, Mum came and found me and asked what to do.

We had no magnesium or salt tablets but sitting at the back of the cupboard was half a jar of pickles. I gave Dad about half a cup of pickle juice (brine/vinegar) and he sipped on this while I searched the cupboards for more help.

According to Dad, the cramps eased about round two minutes after drinking the pickle juice. A�Cue more pickle juice! A�In addition to this he drank a glass of hydralyte had a bag of frozen peas administered to pulse points to bring down his core temperature (sunstroke suspected too) and windows in the bedroom opened.

After about six minutes Dad was able to flex his legs and after another two minutes was able to get out of bed and walk around. A�In total Dad drank around half the juice in a 500g jar of pickles (and for the record, this was not a freshly opened jar of pickles!) and father cramps improved after only a few minutes.

So am I now a Pickle Juice advocate? Absolutely! This is one of those remedies that everyone should know about. A�You can be a marathon runner, die hard clubber or a weekend volunteer and you’ll benefit from this little gem. A�Keep a jar of pickles in your cupboard and if you’re struck down with a cramp open them up and take a couple of swigs.

Does anyone know whether this remedy work for menstrual cramps? A�Watch this space! order voveran tablet pills online cheap lipothin review pills online

TNF50 Race Report 2014 – When wil the hurting stop?!

This was my first ever ultra-marathon and this is my first ever race report.A� So if you’re a seasoned runner, stop right now because you’ll have seen this all before and will be rolling your eyes at all my mistakes.

Pre Race Training

The first real training session was a run in the Blue Mountains with Brendan Davies in February (you can read that blog here).A� It didn’t go well and I was left with two bad knees that required continuous support and I really doubted whether I would be able to finish the TNF50 let alone run it.

Thanks to Google and the Modern Monk blog on Chronic Knee Pain I was able to self-diagnose, self-medicate and self-rehabilitate my knees to a level where I felt that I could complete TNF50.A� My training consisted of squats, lunges, stairs and soft sand walking three times per week, yoga at least twice a week and the occasional bush walk.

The Week Before buy pills

On the Tuesday before the race I had a soft Thai massage which I would actually recommend to anyone.A� Not only did it iron out any existing aches and pains it helped to relax my mind too.

Eating? Yes and lots of it!A� I ate everything with the excuse that I was carb loading.A� Pasta, ice cream, bread, rice… did I mention ice cream?

For the ladies, watch your stress levels!A� I had a pretty tough week leading up to the race and so my period arrived a week late.A� Two days before race day!A� By Thursday afternoon I was popping ibuprofen like candy and by Friday I was a walking zombie.A� Logistics wise I was prepared and made every use of facilities as and when they arose. For the record I did not wear a pad, not because of chaffing but because I once ran 24 km with one and there was nothing left of it by then end – so what was the point!

Race Day

I slept really well the night before (considering the strange bed and the imminent race).A� Breakfast was a bowl of muesli with milk which i ate at 6am.A� i had a quick shower (didn’t wash the hair) before dressing in my race outfit.

My race buddy and I walked to Scenic World (about 1km) this was a great idea as it warmed us up and helped to exercise out some of the nerves.A� We both made the start line with ample time to meet and greet fellow runners.

TNF50 Start 140517A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� Catching up with TNF100 buddies

The First 19km

I’d like to say that I trotted out the first 20km without a hitch but I’d be lying.A� After climbing what felt like 100 sets of stairs, I realised that I had not done enough stair training.A� The knees were starting to grumble and I was beginning to doubt whether they would make it to the finish.

Behind the Fairmont, I made the decision to pull over and strap up the knees.A� This cost me about 15 minutes but when I set off I was instantly more relaxed as the knees felt a damn sight perkier.

20km to CP1

My foot placement had been dodgy right from the start and I kept hitting stones and twigs at awkward angles.A� At 20km as I was running down a single track when I landed on a tree root and rolled my ankle.A� I pulled up, shouting various expletives and as the adrenaline kicked in my ankle went numb.A� A couple of runners stopped to ask if I was ok but I waved them on as I didn’t know how bad it was going to be.

When the throbbing started I began to be concerned.A� With no painkillers in my pack I began calculating how hard it would be to walk to CP1.A� Then my hero appeared.A� I shall refer to him as “Advil Man” because after 2 Advils I was soon on my way albeit much slower.

CP1 = 9 minutes

I am so proud of myself! I whipped through CP1 and would have been faster had I actually planned to fill my bladder.A� I had emptied my rubbish, grabbed some lollies and was about to leave when I thought to check my water levels – EMPTY!! So it was back to the water tank for a re-fill.A� Had I planned to do this from the beginning I would have saved a bit of time.

how much toradol can be given im 28km – 35km

Finding myself on a familiar trail was a real mental boost.A� By nature I am a nervous runner and prefer to descend at a slower pace.A� Sadly, the knees were hurting and I needed to take the pressure off them.A� So using a technique learned from Brendan Davies (thanks mate!) I hurled myself down the descents and power walked up the inclines.

I apologise to all those I passed coming down Kedumba.A� I am not a light footed gazelle…. more like a rhinoceros in full stampede.A� I think I scared a few people with the noise I made and unfairly caused them to think that I was an elite runner powering through TNF.A� I think this thought was adjusted when they overtook me later on in the race!A� But CP1 to 35km was my fastest split.

35km – 45km (When will the hurting stop?) v v iiaagra

Coming up Sublime was brutal.A� I had made a last minute decision to pack poles and I am so glad that I did.A� At this point mental toughness is what counts.A� Plugging away at the inclines and making up mantras in my head helped me get through this particular section.A� Despite my knee pain I believe I was able to maintain a good pace and was only over taken by the first two TNF100 runners and another TNF50.

TNF50 40km 140517

The Last 5km – KILL ME NOW!!!!

I was passed by 5 more TNF100 runners (including Brendan Davies) and a number of TNF50s.A� I knew that I was losing time but I could not go any faster.A� Every step was excruciating and I had developed a sharp pain in my chest and pins and numbness in my left hand.A� Before anyone panics I am 99% sure that it was referred pain from using the poles….99% sure!

The Furber Steps – $&*%&@!!!

Partway up the Furber Steps I heard a familiar voice.A� Steven Gates had caught me up and provided the motivation and encouragement I needed to climb this stairway from hell.

I gave everything to this race and managed a zombified limp across the finishing line in 9hrs 30mins.A� Emotions took over as did the tidal wave of pain and I burst into tears.A� Hugs and physical support got me to medal desk, soup kiosk and First Aid tent in that order.A� I am eternally grateful for the guys from Windsor Original Bootcamp for propping me up so I didn’t collapse in a heap on the floor.

TNF50 Finish 140517 This guy got me up the Furber Steps!

The Kit (Stuff of Interest)

  • Hydration Pack – $30 from the Post Office (Bloody amazing! yes it’s heavy but it’s comfortable and fits everything in it)
  • Jacket – $60 in a sale from Mountain Designs.A� It’s not sexy, it’s not super light-weight but it’s squeezes up small into a little bag
  • Headlight – $40 LED Lenser from Catch of the Day.A� Another Bargain!

  • Nutrition – I packed too much but this is what I actually ate, 2 choc chip muesli bars from Coles, 2 Lo-Carb protein bars from Better Bodies, 2 Gus (Peanut Butter & Salted Caramel), Allens Lollies and about 10 dates.
  • Fluids – Probably around 3 litres of water and a small flask of Tailwind lemon flavour.

What would I change?A� Assuming that I would do it again…

  1. I would find a clip on drink holder for my small flask of Tailwind (or other electrolyte drink).
  2. Take painkillers – you never know
  3. Take less food
  4. Do more stairs
  5. Make sure I have covered all of the course at least once (even if I do it in bits)
  6. remove the pitts from the dates!

Final Words

The experience was incredible and 6 days on I’m feeling pretty good.A� The knees are still sore and my arse feels like I’ve been horse riding for a week.A� I’ve been to one yoga class, walked the dog everyday and I’m going for a massage on the weekend.A� Another couple of days and this will all be a fond memory!

cheap cabgolin 0 TNF50 TGIF 140517 Cheering on TNF100 runners!

40 Day Challenge – Day 29 (Fruit Fast 3)

bactrim from mexico There’s a lot to be said for the Nike slogan “just do it”.A� While contemplating the fruit fast and it’s affects on me, mostly digestive. I stumbled upon a realisation.A� Yes, a fruit fast is labour intensive, yes, I have had to manage my cravings, yes I have been a cranky bitch and yes I will be apologising to my boyfriend once this is all over!

Personally I think that anyone who did the fruit fast by signing up to a juice bar, home delivery or otherwise cheated. I’m sorry. It’s just the way I think.A� Preparing meals and juices by hand is laborious and I really had to think about what I was going to make. Especially since the boyfriend said he was going to support me by doing the fast.A� I couldn’t then serve up boring and unappetising dishes. (Not on top of being a cranky bitch).

I have realised how complacent I have been regarding my meals.A� It’s so easy to come home, grill a piece of salmon and throw together a few salad leaves and a dressing. Dinner done.A� I can happily eat like this for days before I begin to think about shaking things up.

There’s no way that this approach would work for the three days of the fruit fast!A� No way JosA�!

Every meal I put together during this fruit fast required the same steps. 1) Planning. Normally I’ve got something in the freezer or pantry that I can use as a base for a meal. With a fruit fast I was starting with all fresh ingredients – now things get interesting!A� 2) Preparation. I don’t care what anyone says. A vegetarian diet (or vegan) is hard work. Consider these two examples:

Meat chilli
1) chop onion and garlic
2) fry onion and garlic
3) open pack of mince add to pan
4) cook til brown then add tomatoes and chili
5) serve

Fruit fast chili
1) work out what’s allowed in the chili
2) wash fruit which are moonlighting as vegetables
3) peel fruit
4) chop fruit
5) chop onion and garlic
6) work out which fruit has the longest cooking time and add that first. Cook until soft but not cooked.
7)A� work out which fruit has the next longest cooking time and add that next. Cook until soft but not cooked.
8) repeat step 7) until all fruits are in the pan.
9) cook til brown but not sludgey then add tomatoes and chilli.
10) serve!

Maybe I am being over simplistic but I can put together a spag bol in about twenty minutes.A� It’s not a culinary masterpiece but it gets the job done.A� I put together a vegetarian option and after forty five minutes I was still waiting for my zucchini pasta to ‘sweat’ out all it’s water.

Step 3) Presentation.A� Nobody wants a plate of sliced fruits.A� I got away with it once, for the breakfast fruit salad but after that it’s gotta look interesting, appealing and tasty.A� It’s gotta scream “EAT ME!”A� “I’m a better option than a juicy piece of meat!”

So I say it again.A� Just Do It and Do It Right.A� Don’t cheat and take the easy option.A� Prepare the meals, juices, salads and snacks yourself.A� You’ll hate every minute of it but you’ll appreciate the small luxuries like oven ready salmon and frozen peas when it’s over.

Yoga 1, Meditation = 2, Possible insight = 1 purchase venlor Cheap cheap duphalac prospect Cheap

40 ay Yoga Challenge – Day 28 (Fruit Fast 2)

I am blown away by how tough this fruit fast is.A� I totally flew off the handle today when I misplaced the clear plastic lid to my seed germinator.A� You see my apartment has been undergoing renovation for almost a year now and I keep telling myself that I am almost finished but I never seem to get there.A� Of course it would help if I actually lifted a paint brush and did something but that’s beside the point.

What is the point here is that nothing has a home.A� There’s stuff everywhere.A� Every time I put something down I feel like I should attach a tracking device to it because it won’t be there next week which is when I’ll need it.A� Which is precisely what happened today.

I don’t think it was the missing plastic seed tray lid that got me so irate.A� I think it was more the overall situation.A� From 2004 to 2011 I have lived out of a suitcase or at best a temporary residence.A� Even when I lived in the Middle East and was assigned a house I knew that I couldn’t get too comfortable because I would be moving on.A� In all this time I have never owned any furniture or anything that couldn’t be transported in a suitcase.

On 17th March 2013 I returned from a month long yoga pilgrimage to India and set myself the following challenge; I would not leave the country for twelve months.A� For those that know me and with whom I have shared this challenge they are shocked and surprised that I have made it this far.A� I am renowned for jumping on a plane at the drop of a hat and I typically choose jobs which involve a lot of travelA� Not this time.

So why did I get so irate over a missing plastic lid?

According to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, can you buy ventolin in france Aparigraha means non-grasping antibiotics no prescription fast Pills .A� In our consumerism culture this is quite a tough one as we are bombarded daily with messages from the media to buy stuff.A� For me however, A cheap lukolo parigraha means freedom.A� The less I own, the easier it is to pick up and leave.

Since moving back to Australia, I have set up home which required the acquisition of a place to live, the purchase of a bed and all the trappings that go with that.A� Six months ago, my boyfriend moved in and I went from having a sparse student type living arrangement to a crowded and overflowing domicile.A� I mean seriously…. we have three coffee tables, two tumble dryers and two microwaves!

The stuff seems to multiply in this apartment and the more stuff we acquire the heavier I feel inside.A� To top it off when I can’t find something that I actually bought because it has a use the more frustrated I feel.A� It seems as though I am surrounded by stuff yet can’t find the things I actually need.

Joan Shivarpita Harrigan, a practicing psychologist and the director of Patanjali Kundalini Yoga Care says “Before you bring anything into your home, ask yourself: Do I need this for my role in life? As a parent? As a spiritual seeker? Or am I just accumulating stuff out of my own fear and greed?” If you don’t consider these questions, your possessions can take over. “Once you get so much stuff, you have to take care of and defend it,” Hillari Dowdle, “Path to Happiness” cheap pills Yoga Journal.

And here I think lies the issue.A� I am surrounded by stuff that doesn’t belong to me (well not exactly!) yet I feel compelled to look after it, give it a home and in return it all takes up space and energy.A� So my rock is my perceived lack of freedom because I’m weighted down by all of these material possessions.A� I’m not sure how I’m going to deal with this one so perhaps I need to practice more of Law of Transformation 7: Relax with What Is.

Anybody want a tumble dryer?

Yoga = 0, Meditation 1, Possible insight = 1


40 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 27 “Fruit Fast 1”

blue pill pharmacy 9:00am – I am all over this.A� I’ve had my fruit salad and I’m enjoying a nice cup of Rooibos tea while the boyfriend sleeps in.

11:00am – Going to try the Power Align yoga class today, feeling hydrated and good to go.

11:12am – Shit, running late for class and I really need to pee.A� Just made the class in time.A� Going to have to hold it until the end of class.A� Thank god this class is usually easy going.

11:15am -Yay, it’s the new teacher from yesterday.A� I really enjoyed the class yesterday.A� This should be lots of fun.A� Still need to pee.

11:30am – No please…no more cobra, my bladder can’t take the pressure.A� I really should have chosen the Power Basics, I would have had time to get to the bathroom.A� This is agony.A� Bollocks to all this water and fruit fast.

11:40 – OMG this is horrible.A� I just don’t have the energy for this.A� We’re only a quarter of the way through the class and I want to be in savasna!A� I don’t think I can wait another thiry-five minutes……wait a minute!A� We’re going to be doing arm balances?

11:50amA�A� Can you die from a bladder explosion?A� I only have one other option and that’s an Upward Dog instead of Cobra but my neck won’t take it.A� Will anyone notice if I duck out of the class to go to the bathroom?A� Should have picked a space at the back of class.

12:00pm – WTFWIT?!A� I think I’m going to die.A� If I have to do another Crescent Lunge I’m going to vomit.A� I get head spins every time I put my head into Downward Dog.A� Seriously…….Kill me now!

12:10pm – FINALLY! Savasna! A� I can’t rest, my brain is just thinking about going to the bathroom.A� I am never going through this again.A� I swear I will be on time for class from here on in.

12:15pm – Bathroom… relief!

12:30pm – Fruit smoothie: Banana, coconut water, frozen berries, ice cubes and some water.A� Would be better with a nice dollop of yoghurt in there but this will have to do.

13:30pm – Pumpkin soup.A� It’s ok, but I would kill for a bread roll to go with it.

14:30pm – Cup of Rooibos tea and a handful of grapes.A� Boyfriend is having one of the muffins that I baked yesterday.A� I wonder if being on a fruit fast is a legitimate excuse for murder?

15:30pm – ok, need to keep my brain busy.A� Time for some meditation.

15:50pm – I’m hungry.

16:00pm – Time for another smoothie: Banana, coconut water, frozen berries, ice cubes and some water. Boyfriend has one too and makes the promise that he’s going to complete the rest of the fruit fast with me.A� After he’s done his 20km run tomorrow. How sweet, now he can understand the torment and suffering I am in.

16:30pm – popped out to the shops to get some more supplies for the next couple of days.A� I am clearly not as prepared as I thought.A� Halfway around the supermarket I see the celery on sale.A� Damn that looks good.A� I then realised walking home that celery is NOT a fruit.

17:00pm – time to start cooking dinner.A� I figure that this will keep me occupied until it’s ready to eat.A� Pumpkin has been cut into pieces and it is in the oven roasting.A� I’ve used a Chai spice mix in place of the sugar that I usually use.A� Fingers crossed, because I will be so pissed off if it doesn’t taste good.

18:00pm – the apartment smells so good.A� The ratatouille is on the stove and it’s starting to thicken up.A� Still got another hour to go, pumpkin seems to be doing well too.

18:30pm – time to feed the dog.A� Hmmm ingredients say meat and meat by-products.A� Very un-fruit fast but god I am so hungry!A� More grapes.

19:00pm – time for dinner YAY!!A� I have a small bowl of ratatouille and three pieces of roasted pumpkin.A� The chai spices are really good.A� The boyfriend has the same as me plus the left over braised chicken and lentil casserole from last night.A� I try not to look at his plate.

19:30pm – time to chill with the newspaper and a cup of liquorice tea.A� Life is good.

20:00pm – time to walk the dog.A� Boyfriend offers to walk the dog and it is pouring with rain outside.A� There’s a trade-off though.A� I have to prepare him a peanut and jelly sandwich for his training run tomorrow.A� Arrrggghhhh!

20:30pm – dog walked and sandwich wrapped and ready.A� I didn’t even lick my fingers.A� Still feeling a bit peckish so I finish off the night with five Majdhool dates.

22:00pm – bed. Thank god that’s over.

Yoga = 1, Meditation = 1, Murderous thoughts = 4 cheap pills lasuna online dating tegretol borderline

40 Day Challenge – Day 26 “Sabotage”

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A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� asakta-buddhih sarvatraA�A�A� jitatma vigata-sprhahA�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� naiskarmrya-siddhim paramamA�A�A� sannyasenadhigacchati

One who is self-controlled and unattached and who disregards all material enjoyment can obtain, by practice of renunciation, the highest perfect stage of freedom from reaction.A� A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, “Bhagavad Gita – As it is”, p.882.

Anyone observing me for the past twenty-four hours would have thought that I was preparing to compete in an eating competition, or maybe it was my last meal and I was actually on death row.A� Whatever wasn’t nailed down was fair game. I ate the left overs from the night before (after all they might go off), the open bar of chocolate (I don’t want the temptation while I’m on my three day fruit fast).A� I even baked muffins!A� They’re amazing!A� Banana, oatmeal and flax muffins.A� I added some pecan nuts and white chocolate chips too because the packets were open and they might go off – yeah right.

I had breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, a pre-bedtime treat and I snacked in between.A� I ate consistently from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed at one minute before midnight.A� I like to consider it as grazing but realistically they weren’t small meals.A� Breakfast was a full cooked English affair, lunch was a pizza with a schooner of cider and dinner was a braised chicken and lentil casserole with mashed potatoes.A� My boyfriend and I also polished off a bottle of red between us.

Have I set myself up for success or failure?

“To the degree that we are willing to see clearly our self-destructive patterns, they lose their hold on us and wither away.A� There is tremendous power in just knowing what is going on within us, not so that we can “work on our stuff,” but so that we can begin to release it.”A� Baron Baptiste, “40 Days to personal revolution”, p.31.

I certainly haven’t made the first day of my fruit fast easy.A� I have gone to bed very late, stuffed full of food and half a bottle of good red wine which my body has to process while I sleep.A� In the morning, I’m going to wake up and most likely be a little grumpy.A� Perhaps a bit of a headache and the first thing that I’ll want will be my morning cup of tea.

On the 40 Day Yoga Challenge Facebook page I spoke of the importance of preparation for this fast.A� I have my supplies in the fridge but I certainly did not prepare myself mentally for the challenge.A� Others in the group performed the fruit fast at the beginning of the week.A� Others like me, kept on delaying it, saying that “the weekend will be better”, I’ll be more prepared at the end on the week” and “I’ll have time to get ready”.A� Ultimately these are all excuses and what is really hiding begin these words are the obstacles that we need to discover.

All week I’ve been thinking about the three day fruit fast.A� It’s been bugging me and I’ve really struggled to come to terms with doing it.A� Is it hard? No, I did at eight week high protein – no/low carb programme last year.A� I lost 7 kilos and made it into the top twenty finalists – now that was tough!A� No, it was a different kind of chatter going on in my head.A� I’m still not 100% sure where exactly the resistance is coming from.A� Perhaps it’s the idea of ‘having to do’ something.A� Being told that this is what I have to do, that this is what I’m allowed to eat.

Whatever it is, I’m sure that it will come to the forefront over the next three days.

Yoga = 1, Meditation = 1, Expected hangover = 1 buy zanaflex tizanidine buy pills buy slimex 15mg uk