Manly to Shelley Beach Swim (M2SBS) – Swimming with Dolphins

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The Manly to Shelley Beach Swim is about 1 kilometre in distance.A� Not actually that far when measured in lengths of a swimming pool.A� 20 lengths in a 50m pool, which I have done a few times (many years ago).

But we’re talking about swimming in the sea…. the ocean.A� Whilst waves and rips get me nervous, it’s actually the unseen world below which really brings on the anxiety.

So yesterday I bit the bullet and began my training for the Manly to Shelly Beach Swim (M2SBS).A� Shelley Beach is a sheltered cove which people tell me is a gorgeous place to snorkle because there’s loads to see.A� Great.A� It’s also a known shark nursery. Super.

So my reason for starting at Shelley Beach?A� It’s calm and flat 9 times out of 10.A� I am extremely proud to say that I managed to swim round to the first flight of steps that lead out of the rock (near the Mambo Coffee Shop) which means that I have completed about a third of the swim.A� What’s more I had enough energy to swim back!

Perhaps this goal is achievable after all!

That afternoon I heard a rumour saying that a dolphin was swimming in the waters at Shelley Beach.A� Having just completed part of the M2SBS I was mighty glad that I didn’t come head to head with a large, grey 8 foot creature swimming in the water near-by!

So the boyfriend with a “kick the bucket list” dragged me down to Shelley Beach to face my fears.A� Yes, 8 foot grey sea monsters are a fear of mine although the ones I’m scared of tend to have more teeth.

Armed with a mask and snorkel, I bravely swam out (actually I was dragged out by the boyfriend – literally!) and got to swim with a wild dolphin.A� The experience was nerve wracking, awe inspiring and just plain a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!A� The dolphin passed just 6 feet below me and circled around the the other swimmers that had also swam out to be there.

Seeing her (yes apparently it’s a female) breach the surface in that characteristic dolphin arching glide took my breath away.A� I was swimming just a couple of metres away from one of the most graceful creatures on this planet.

How do I feel now I’m back on dry land?A� Truly Blessed.


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