Welcome Home Zed

Zed was born in September 2012, or somewhere around then.A� You see, Zed is a Pound Hound and when we met in October 2013 he was called 8042.A� His pre – adoption story is a bit light on details but it goes like this.

The council received a call saying that there was a brown dog wandering the streets.A� They went out, picked him up, filled in some paperwork and dropped him off at the pound.A� The pound scanned him for a micro chip (there wasn’t one), neutered him, gave him his shots and put him up for adoption.A� We came along and the rest as they say is history.

I have been so lucky with Zed.A� He’s house trained, understands basic commands (most of the time) and has the sweetest temperament of any dog I know.A� And since Zed is my first dog, I know that I’m extremely fortunate.

Of course there’s been a couple of accidents along the way, strangers in the house laying new carpet = cleaning the carpet, choosing the wrong dog food = cleaning the carpet, not taking him out for his walk on time = cleaning the carpet, a new flatmate who leaves their bedroom door open = cleaning the carpet.A� You know, the usual lessons to be learned when you become a new pet owner.

Luckily, when Zed came home he had grown out of the chewing stage of puppyhood.A� Well almost.A� The tally stands at one pair of sunglasses, a cycle helmet, one yoga mat and two pairs of Indian Mala prayer beads (from India!).A� But given stories I have heard from puppy owners, we got off lightly!

My chiropractor gave me some advice when she found out I getting a dog.A� Coming from a cat owner with no experience of dogs other than watching Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer on TV I was more than a little skeptical.A� Her advise was…

Discipline, affection and exercise.

At least that’s what this Dog Whisperer said.A� Before bringing Zed home I googled Cesar’s thoughts on bringing a new dog home.A� He said to make sure the new dog waited at the front door, while all other family members entered, we still do this one today.A� The dog, while on the leash is then taken to his food and water bowl.A� Finally he should be led around the house but only to the places where he is allowed to go.

So with no more than these snippets of dog ownership advice, Zed came home. cheap pills Cheap buy cytotec for abortion