Leg Cramps & Pickle Juice – A rapid recovery!

avodart medication Is it an old wives tale or a genuine solution for cramping muscles? A�My boyfriend swears by the power of pickles saying that drinking the salty vinegar from a jar of pickles not only reduces the risk of getting cramps but will stop one in its tracks once it kicks off.

I’ve suffered from cramps in the past. A�Usually after a night of clubbing and excessive drinking! A�during my university days I would dance until the wee hours of the morning and then collapse into bed and wake up a few hours later with my calves twisted and knotted into tight balls. A�Ouch!

The cause of cramps (especinight at night) is unknown but many believe that dehydration and loss of minerals and electrolytes can factor trigger factor. A�This certainly helps to explain why salt tablets and electrolyte drinks are so popular amongst athletes.

My Dad has recently joined The Lions. A�It’s an international group that specialises in organising events to raise money for local charities. A�Today was the day for local carnival and as a member of The Lions my Dad had a very active day ahead of him. A�At 6am he headed off to the Castle to help peg out the plots for the food vendors. A�At 8am he helped erect the stall tents. A�At 10am he walked down to the end of the High Street and for two hours helped set up road signage for the road closures ready for the parade. A�At 12pm he closed the High Street and spent the next two hours redirecting traffic while the floats travelled up the street. A�After this it was back to the castle to man the coconut shy stall. A�All under a beautiful British summer sun and temperatures in the early 20s Celsius.

As a fitness fanatic I understand the importance of a hydration strategy. A�At 65 and of average fitness my Dad didn’t think that spending 14 hours on his feet, on a sunny day warranted a bottle of water (or five!). A�When he got home he shared a KFC dinner with my Mum, had a whiskey and water and retired to bed around 11pm.

About an hour later Mum retired to bed and according to her was just about to drop off when Dad said he was having a few problems with his legs. A�On went the lights and she could see that poor Dad was in a lot of pain. A�He’d got a cramp in his right hip and left knee. A�Not really knowing what to do, Mum came and found me and asked what to do.

We had no magnesium or salt tablets but sitting at the back of the cupboard was half a jar of pickles. I gave Dad about half a cup of pickle juice (brine/vinegar) and he sipped on this while I searched the cupboards for more help.

According to Dad, the cramps eased about round two minutes after drinking the pickle juice. A�Cue more pickle juice! A�In addition to this he drank a glass of hydralyte had a bag of frozen peas administered to pulse points to bring down his core temperature (sunstroke suspected too) and windows in the bedroom opened.

After about six minutes Dad was able to flex his legs and after another two minutes was able to get out of bed and walk around. A�In total Dad drank around half the juice in a 500g jar of pickles (and for the record, this was not a freshly opened jar of pickles!) and father cramps improved after only a few minutes.

So am I now a Pickle Juice advocate? Absolutely! This is one of those remedies that everyone should know about. A�You can be a marathon runner, die hard clubber or a weekend volunteer and you’ll benefit from this little gem. A�Keep a jar of pickles in your cupboard and if you’re struck down with a cramp open them up and take a couple of swigs.

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TNF50 Race Report 2014 – When wil the hurting stop?!

This was my first ever ultra-marathon and this is my first ever race report.A� So if you’re a seasoned runner, stop right now because you’ll have seen this all before and will be rolling your eyes at all my mistakes.

Pre Race Training

The first real training session was a run in the Blue Mountains with Brendan Davies in February (you can read that blog here).A� It didn’t go well and I was left with two bad knees that required continuous support and I really doubted whether I would be able to finish the TNF50 let alone run it.

Thanks to Google and the Modern Monk blog on Chronic Knee Pain I was able to self-diagnose, self-medicate and self-rehabilitate my knees to a level where I felt that I could complete TNF50.A� My training consisted of squats, lunges, stairs and soft sand walking three times per week, yoga at least twice a week and the occasional bush walk.

The Week Before buy pills

On the Tuesday before the race I had a soft Thai massage which I would actually recommend to anyone.A� Not only did it iron out any existing aches and pains it helped to relax my mind too.

Eating? Yes and lots of it!A� I ate everything with the excuse that I was carb loading.A� Pasta, ice cream, bread, rice… did I mention ice cream?

For the ladies, watch your stress levels!A� I had a pretty tough week leading up to the race and so my period arrived a week late.A� Two days before race day!A� By Thursday afternoon I was popping ibuprofen like candy and by Friday I was a walking zombie.A� Logistics wise I was prepared and made every use of facilities as and when they arose. For the record I did not wear a pad, not because of chaffing but because I once ran 24 km with one and there was nothing left of it by then end – so what was the point!

Race Day

I slept really well the night before (considering the strange bed and the imminent race).A� Breakfast was a bowl of muesli with milk which i ate at 6am.A� i had a quick shower (didn’t wash the hair) before dressing in my race outfit.

My race buddy and I walked to Scenic World (about 1km) this was a great idea as it warmed us up and helped to exercise out some of the nerves.A� We both made the start line with ample time to meet and greet fellow runners.

TNF50 Start 140517A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� Catching up with TNF100 buddies

The First 19km

I’d like to say that I trotted out the first 20km without a hitch but I’d be lying.A� After climbing what felt like 100 sets of stairs, I realised that I had not done enough stair training.A� The knees were starting to grumble and I was beginning to doubt whether they would make it to the finish.

Behind the Fairmont, I made the decision to pull over and strap up the knees.A� This cost me about 15 minutes but when I set off I was instantly more relaxed as the knees felt a damn sight perkier.

20km to CP1

My foot placement had been dodgy right from the start and I kept hitting stones and twigs at awkward angles.A� At 20km as I was running down a single track when I landed on a tree root and rolled my ankle.A� I pulled up, shouting various expletives and as the adrenaline kicked in my ankle went numb.A� A couple of runners stopped to ask if I was ok but I waved them on as I didn’t know how bad it was going to be.

When the throbbing started I began to be concerned.A� With no painkillers in my pack I began calculating how hard it would be to walk to CP1.A� Then my hero appeared.A� I shall refer to him as “Advil Man” because after 2 Advils I was soon on my way albeit much slower.

CP1 = 9 minutes

I am so proud of myself! I whipped through CP1 and would have been faster had I actually planned to fill my bladder.A� I had emptied my rubbish, grabbed some lollies and was about to leave when I thought to check my water levels – EMPTY!! So it was back to the water tank for a re-fill.A� Had I planned to do this from the beginning I would have saved a bit of time.

how much toradol can be given im 28km – 35km

Finding myself on a familiar trail was a real mental boost.A� By nature I am a nervous runner and prefer to descend at a slower pace.A� Sadly, the knees were hurting and I needed to take the pressure off them.A� So using a technique learned from Brendan Davies (thanks mate!) I hurled myself down the descents and power walked up the inclines.

I apologise to all those I passed coming down Kedumba.A� I am not a light footed gazelle…. more like a rhinoceros in full stampede.A� I think I scared a few people with the noise I made and unfairly caused them to think that I was an elite runner powering through TNF.A� I think this thought was adjusted when they overtook me later on in the race!A� But CP1 to 35km was my fastest split.

35km – 45km (When will the hurting stop?) v v iiaagra

Coming up Sublime was brutal.A� I had made a last minute decision to pack poles and I am so glad that I did.A� At this point mental toughness is what counts.A� Plugging away at the inclines and making up mantras in my head helped me get through this particular section.A� Despite my knee pain I believe I was able to maintain a good pace and was only over taken by the first two TNF100 runners and another TNF50.

TNF50 40km 140517

The Last 5km – KILL ME NOW!!!!

I was passed by 5 more TNF100 runners (including Brendan Davies) and a number of TNF50s.A� I knew that I was losing time but I could not go any faster.A� Every step was excruciating and I had developed a sharp pain in my chest and pins and numbness in my left hand.A� Before anyone panics I am 99% sure that it was referred pain from using the poles….99% sure!

The Furber Steps – $&*%&@!!!

Partway up the Furber Steps I heard a familiar voice.A� Steven Gates had caught me up and provided the motivation and encouragement I needed to climb this stairway from hell.

I gave everything to this race and managed a zombified limp across the finishing line in 9hrs 30mins.A� Emotions took over as did the tidal wave of pain and I burst into tears.A� Hugs and physical support got me to medal desk, soup kiosk and First Aid tent in that order.A� I am eternally grateful for the guys from Windsor Original Bootcamp for propping me up so I didn’t collapse in a heap on the floor.

TNF50 Finish 140517 This guy got me up the Furber Steps!

The Kit (Stuff of Interest)

  • Hydration Pack – $30 from the Post Office (Bloody amazing! yes it’s heavy but it’s comfortable and fits everything in it)
  • Jacket – $60 in a sale from Mountain Designs.A� It’s not sexy, it’s not super light-weight but it’s squeezes up small into a little bag
  • Headlight – $40 LED Lenser from Catch of the Day.A� Another Bargain!
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  • Nutrition – I packed too much but this is what I actually ate, 2 choc chip muesli bars from Coles, 2 Lo-Carb protein bars from Better Bodies, 2 Gus (Peanut Butter & Salted Caramel), Allens Lollies and about 10 dates.
  • Fluids – Probably around 3 litres of water and a small flask of Tailwind lemon flavour.

What would I change?A� Assuming that I would do it again…

  1. I would find a clip on drink holder for my small flask of Tailwind (or other electrolyte drink).
  2. Take painkillers – you never know
  3. Take less food
  4. Do more stairs
  5. Make sure I have covered all of the course at least once (even if I do it in bits)
  6. remove the pitts from the dates!

Final Words

The experience was incredible and 6 days on I’m feeling pretty good.A� The knees are still sore and my arse feels like I’ve been horse riding for a week.A� I’ve been to one yoga class, walked the dog everyday and I’m going for a massage on the weekend.A� Another couple of days and this will all be a fond memory!

cheap cabgolin 0 TNF50 TGIF 140517 Cheering on TNF100 runners!

40 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 12

Honestly I had every intention of meditating and doing yoga after I completed my Ultra Marathon Training – Session 3.A� Really I mean that.A� I planned to come home from the Blue Mountains just after lunch, have a bite to eat and then hit the Power Groove at 6:30pm.

It didn’t quite work out that way…

5:15am Alarm goes off, dress and exit the house

8:00am Arrive Blue Mountains, gear up and set off.

9.00am The left knee goes.A� Click here to read more about this exciting Ultra Marathon Training Session Number 3.

12:30pm I finally make it back up the Kedumba steps to the car.A� An hour later and we’re enjoying lunch in Leura at cheap pills cheap beconase over the counter cheap cholestoplex is it safe to buy viagra? Zest restaurant and cafe.

14:00pm And we’re back on the road.A� Knowing that it’s a two or more hour drive back I’m beginning to get a bit anxious.A� Our dog has been home alone all day and aside from some biscuits before we ran out the door, he’s not been fed or walked.A� Oh the joys of owning a dog in a unit with no balcony!

18:00pm We are home and exhausted.A� I feed the dog, grab the leash and head out the door.A� The relief on my poor mutt’s face was priceless.A� Bless him.A� I am so lucky to have such a well house trained dog!

19:00pm Although we both knew it was Valentine’s Day neither of us had prepared anything.A� The boyfriend requested postponing it until Sunday when he could cook me a nice dinner.A� Who am I to complain?

But I was not going to let the day go uncelebrated.A� We grabbed a plate of cheeses, some crackers and cracked open a really nice bottle of wine.A� I then rolled out the astro turf on the Green Landing, lit the candles (and the mozzie coils) and we sat outside and watched the world go by for a couple of hours.

Yoga = 0, Meditation = 0, Stain free carpet = 1. http://mfwesta.com.ua/bez-rubriki/buy-carbozyne-reviews/

Ultra Marathon Training Session – 2

So one week after my epic Blue Mountains disaster (see My First Ultra Marathon Training Session viagra online tesco ) I am strapping up my knees, lacing up my shoes and heading off to the Manly Dam.A� The goal?A� To complete two laps, regardless of time.

The plan was to set off at 7am and be starting our run/walk at 8am (at the latest).A� Unfortunately after two false starts aka as sleeping through our alarms, we didn’t reach the Manly Dam until 9am.A� By this time the sun is high in the sky and within minutes, I’m breaking a sweat.

As well as taking my new Mizuno Wave Inspire 9’s for their first long trail walk, I’m testing out my new sale bin find.A� A Mizuno long sleeve running top.A� The reason why I picked it was because it had a high neck line.A� So far all tops that I’ve tested have a scoop neck line which according to the guy in Northside Runners Manly Buy order seroflo 500 http://desifreceviri.com/blog/2018/03/17/generic-feldene-20-mg/ generic for lipitor atorvastatin is the preference of the fashionistas.A� Well bollocks to that I say.A� I want something that is going to protect me from sunburn and chaffing so I want a high neck line.

My boyfriend set off at a faster pace as his goal was to complete three laps of the circuit.A� Left to my own devices I attempted to find a pace that would allow me to endure two laps.A� Up until now I have only ever walked one lap!

The first lap went really well and I found that I had the energy and pain-free knees to run the flat sections and many of the uncomplicated trail sections both up and down hills.A� I focused predominately on the running technique tips that I received from Brendan Davis the week before; chest up, lean from the ankles, pick the feet up rather than push off from the ground, land mid foot and swing the arms ‘gunslinger’ style.

Implementing each of these tips definitely improved my pace and I felt better but old habits die hard and when the terrain changed I found that I would slip back to my usual running style while I navigated that part of the trail and then once back on a clear path I would attempt to modify my style again.A� I guess that this is one of those practice makes perfect.

I completed the first lap in 1 hour and 20 minutes which is a time that I am very happy with.A� In fact it’s 20 minutes quicker than the walking lap I last timed.A� So I was pretty keen to get the second lap under way.

The second lap started off well, but it was not long into the second lap when the knees began to hurt.A� I can see from the splits on my RunKeeper app that the second lap is consistently slower and this was due to the sharp pain in the lateral side of my left knee.A� Even though both knees were strapped up I found the pain levels unbearable when attacking an incline on a fire service trail.A� So much so that I had to stop on more than one occasion.

Interestingly though I found that muttering the following mantra under my breath helped me to manage my pain a lot better “I am strong, I am tough, I am better.”A� Perhaps it was the cadence but the pain did appear to be significantly less and my mind less distracted by the pain in my knees.

I think that when I attempt the Manly Dam again, I will walk the entire two laps and forego any running until I have identified the cause of pain.A� I am now pretty sure that it is something to do with my stride because dropping back to a walk or stopping results in either a complete cessation or a quick disappearance of pain.

In terms of equipment; I am very happy with my Mizuno Wave Inspire 9’s.A� They’re comfortable, lightweight and seem to provide me with the correct tension through the laces which caused all those problems with my Brooks.A� I am a bit annoyed that I caught the webbing on a twig and tore through it so quickly.A� I doubt that it’s an integral part of the shoe structure but no one likes to trash their shoes on their first outing!

I was also very happy with the comfort levels of the Mizuno long sleeve running top.A� Despite the fact that it’s 100% polyester it did not seem to reek too much.A� Although the boyfriend was quite reluctant to stick his nose in my arm pit!A� Can’t think why!A� We’ll see how this top copes with future runs as I prefer to use rock crystal deodorants and if bacteria builds up on polyester it can get pretty rank.

My boyfriend is trialling a running shirt which is 100% wool.A� After three laps of the dam I was pleasantly surprised with how ‘sociable’ his top was.A� Again, future outings will determine whether this is a realistic fabric for his NorthFace 100.

My First Ultra Marathon Training Session

What did I reflect on yesterday?
Yesterday I realised just how important it is to look after my body!A� We all want to achieve our goals as quickly as possible but sometimes we have to be realistic.

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One of my current goals is to run an ultra-marathon (50km) in the Blue Mountains in mid May 2014.A� I’ve started training for it now – good but I’ve underestimated how strong my body is right now – bad!
So yesterday, as part of my race trail preparation I joined a running group and we ran 16km of the 50km route. The session was led by Brendan Davies, 2012 Australian Male Ultra Runner of the Year.A� So this was not going to be a stroll in the park!A� You can read Brendan Davies’ Blog here.
The alarm went off at 4:30am and both myself and the boyfriend got up (yes, we did hit the snooze button!), dressed, grabbed our pre-packed gear and headed off to the Blue Mountains.A� At this time in the morning there’s no traffic and thanks to my awesome driver/bf I was able to sleep most of the way there!
There’s nothing more daunting than arriving in a carpark filled with lycra clad athletes limbering up and talking about the number of grams they have managed to get their running kit down to.A� If you must know, my kit weighs about 4 kilos (and it’s not complete) and I bought the hydration backpack from the post office for $30!A� I figured this is probably the one and only ultra-marathon I am ever going to be daft enough to do so why spend hundreds on a pack that I’ll use for training and one race.A� Another WTFWIT moment perhaps?!
I’m very pleased that I kept up with Brendan Davies.A� Watching him run is the equivalent of seeing Ian Thorpe or any other elite athlete in their element. The trail simply flattened out beneath his feet.A� Boulders were nimbly dodged, rough downward stairs were ‘tumbled’ down…. apparently gravity is our ‘friend and should be used!

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To use the words of my bf “I learned more in the 30 minutes of running behind Brendan Davies than in all the research I’ve done on the web to date.”A� I have to take his word for it…. I’ve done no research on the web except to look up possible foods to take on this run!
Sadly, after 10km of knee jolting descents, glute busting stairs and quad burning hills, my knees gave up.A� Obviously I am hugely disappointed but it was also a huge wake up call.

rosuvastatina sale di calcio

Last year I ran a 21km Tough Mudder, a 21 km Spartan and a 14km City Surf with little to no preparation.A� Thinking back, I’ve been extremely lucky that nothing more serious has happened.A� I’ve been signing up for these challenges believing that I have the strength and stamina that I had 10+ years ago… WTFWIT?!
So now I’m nursing two very sore knees, which will put a bit of a blip in my training schedule 1) I need to rehab my knees and 2) I’m not where I thought I was and so have to take my training back a few paces!


My wake up call is that it’s really important to listen to my body, be kind to it and understand that reaching my goal is a journey that takes a step by step approach.A� I have to have my milestones written down; run 10km without pain, get the Kedumbar Stairs under my belt, two laps of the Manly Dam etc.
Step by step is the secret and it’s how I’ll achieve this goal AND prepare me for future challenges.A� I know that I can complete this race, I certainly proved yesterday that I have the mental toughness, although perhaps I wouldn’t be in this amount of pain if I’d stopped sooner!
So two steps forward and five steps back on my way to my first ultra-marathon!