How yoga saved my life

Yoga saved my life.

No exaggeration, no lies.A� In 2008 I lost my aunt to pancreatic cancer, discovered that the man I married didn’t exist (he was a sociopathic liar) and I began to develop symptoms such as heart palpitations, unexplained bouts of tears and loss of appetite.A� I went to a GP and was told that I had “an allergy to stress” and prescribed anti-depressants.

The drugs helped with the physiological symptoms but did nothing to assist with the little inner critic that was getting louder with everyday that passed.A� “You’re a failure”, “only losers are users” were a couple of it’s favourites.A� I felt like I was walking around in a grey fog.A� All the colour from the world drained out and “fun” was a distant memory.

By the middle of 2009 I had hit an all time low.A� My husband’s lies were being revealed like some terrible Greek tragedy and I was left with a stranger in my bed and a future that was becoming more and more uncertain.

One weekend I attended a yoga class at micronase online Cheap furosemide without prescription cheap pills Yama Yoga Studio in Qatar and afterwards I noticed a poster advertising a Yoga Teacher Training program.A� I made inquiries and was told that I could join but I would find it very tough as I didn’t already practice everyday.A� Undeterred I paid my money and showed up for the first evening class.

Sitting crossed legged on the floor posed the first problem.A� Looking around the room I saw just how out of place I was.A� Many were sitting in a full lotus, others had these wonderful serene looks on their faces and here was I with my knees round my ears (no, I’m not flexible) and the green snake of jealous uncurling in my stomach.

Our instructor, Valerie glided into the room and welcomed everyone to the program and asked everyone to go round the room and explain why they were there.A� All those that went before me talked of practicing yoga for 10 or more years and were looking forward to being able to help others on their yogic journeys.

My response was far less altruistic.A� “Hello, my name is Sarah and I have depression.A� I’m here for a purely selfish reason.A� I’m on medication and I want to stop.”A� Scary as it was to say this I was relieved.A� People now knew that I was a nut ball, the crazy in the room, the one to be whispered about and approached with caution!

As the weeks passed my body began to respond to the physical training.A� My muscles grew strong, I could almost touch my toes and there were days when I got out of bed pain free.A� I learned to be kind to my body, listen to my breath and allow the process of rebuilding a broken body to take place.

Crying was a big part of my yoga practice, especially during hip openers!A� When a wave of emotion would take over I would withdraw to the safety of child’s pose (balasana) until the sobbing passed.A� I would unfold my body to find a box of tissues at the end of my mat and there was always a re-assuring hug at the end of practice from a fellow trainee or teacher.

Three months later I stopped taking my medication and I celebrated by taking a weekend workshop with Julie Martin from Brahmani Yoga.A� She was visiting our yoga studio and in my opinion is the best Vinyasa Teacher out there!

By this time my emotional outbursts had evolved from sobbing to uncontrollable laughter.A� For those that had traveled this journey with me it was a wonderful transition.A� For visiting instructors it was always an initial shock to have someone burst into a fit of giggles and then take half the class with them!A� Julie was great and understood that for some yoga is an incredibly emotional journey.

In April 2010, my husband got on a plane and returned to Australia for good.A� My yoga gave me courage, my fellow yogis kept me strong and my teachers kept me grounded as my future life disappeared along with my hopes and dreams.

On 21st June 2010 I graduated with my fellow teacher trainees as RYT200 Yoga Teachers.A� The whole school celebrated both the summer equinox and our graduation with 108 Sun Salutations.A� Nearly 100 people squeezed into the studio that night and the energy was incredible!A� I felt that I had beaten depression and was ready to move on with strength, courage and wisdom.

In July 2010 I was made redundant and given 90 days to pack up my life and leave the country.A� In those 90 days I taught over 100 students; beginners, advanced, pre-natal, Vinyasa and Ashtanga.A� I wanted to give back so much of the love and strength that had been given to me over my jouney to becoming a teacher.

In September 2010 I left Qatar.

Yoga had saved my life. amantadine price uk

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